EFT/Matrix Reimprinting

“I’ve been working with Diana for some time now and I would add that I work in the field of trauma healing too. Diana’s work with me using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has been world class. She’s superb – I’ve felt safe and things have shifted. This lady and her work is simply exceptional and I recommend her often. Thank you, Diana, for your tender and powerful work you bring to the world. I’m lucky to have met you”


“I have done a variety of personal growth activities, but EFT was new to me. Diana created a safe space very quickly, allowing me to explore some quite deep, painful feelings and get a technique to reduce their impact. She is very good and picking out the heart of an issue or challenge which is really helpful. I felt supported, comfortable and encouraged, confident that I could go at my own pace without being judged. I felt safe.”


“I wholeheartedly recommend Diana’s EFT therapy. Once I trusted the process, it was easy to let go of trauma and discover what zero anxiety feels like. My scepticism about EFT turned to enthusiasm as Diana freed me from issues resulting from a life-changing accident, a life-long irrational fear of swimming, a #MeToo incident and disempowering beliefs. Effortlessly. Diana provides a safe space and sensitivity to prevent you becoming distressed when relating traumatic events. Her empathy supported me in revealing a fuller picture of events than I would normally remember. In some instances this provided a new and healing perspective. Diana is perceptive in identifying problematic underlying beliefs and as we worked on these with EFT, the belief soon felt unbelievable. I left each session feeling lighter, freer and joyful.  Past traumas no longer haunt and restrict my life. Every day is now lighter, freer and joyful regardless of the circumstances. Emotional freedom.”


“After my first session with Diana I felt so much better and really different. I was considering writing a book about events in my life and made a start on this. However, after the second session came a revelation – what I was writing about had no power over me any more, my childhood story of shame, guilt and embarrassment which I was going to base my writing on. Diana had taken me to myself as a child using Matrix Reimprinting. The shame, the guilt and the embarrassment that I had hidden deep inside me , now they are just a memory with no emotional attachment. This freedom with no fear to hide. I feel physically lighter and my confidence has grown. It took this amazing practitioner just a few sessions to change my life. I have found a new sense of freedom and happiness. I feel empowered. I am truly grateful.”


“I was suffering from PTSD and Diana was sensitive and caring yet supportive and I felt really held so could be honest, at times vulnerable and open up to her. I found the whole process incredibly revealing, healing and empowering.”


“Diana helped me work through several traumas. After, I felt much calmer, clearer, and better able to manage my life. She was completely non-judgemental, so I felt really safe to open up about quite personal issues. I will definitely go back for more tapping with Diana. It helped me stop feeling triggered at work and at home, so I can achieve much more in an unruffled way.”


“Diana kept our session on track by identifying issues lurking under the surface and encouraging me to acknowledge my feelings.”


“I felt completely supported. I found the process threw up experiences and motives and helped me see things I couldn’t explain before. I found this such an empowering experience. Diana listened intently without judgement.”


On EFT Workshops

“We very much enjoyed the tapping workshop and are both using it… Your teaching method is clear, measured and compassionate”



“Here a few things I have noticed since I have had Reiki in my life, all thanks to you. I feel calmer focused, and less agitated.”


“I was fortunate to meet Diana several years ago. I had always intrigued by Reiki. Whilst I did not have anything particular wrong with me, I wanted to see how I would feel after a treatment. At all times I felt relaxed in Diana’s company and her calm and self-assured approach put me at ease. I have to say that I felt amazing after the treatment and have had subsequent treatments for stress and anxiety. Each time the effects of the treatment were wonderful. I would definitely recommend Diana’s treatment.”

Simon W

“Diana is one of the warmest, kindest hearted, non-judgemental and genuine souls I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I have always left a session with her uplifted, energised and optimistic. If you are new to Reiki or a regular I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She is a treasure.”


“It was a pleasure to meet Diana (I literally googled local Reiki classes) and knew from the moment we met I was in the right place. Not only is she a great healer & teacher but she is warm and selfless and after just a few months she encouraged me to attend her Reiki One training. This, like her Reiki sessions, was amazing and now allows me to practice regularly at home. I look forward to seeing Diana soon so she can guide me further through this now more peaceful journey…”


Reiki Teaching

“You are a very strong and powerful healer and an excellent teacher. You taught me in a very gentle and patient way and helped me to grow and reach a deep understanding of how a profound healing takes place and how individual healing paths can be and I would love to continue learning from you in the future.”


“Thank you so much I had a lovely day!…You are a great teacher very clear and methodical and loving.”

Helen F, yoga teacher

“…. a huge thank you for being a fantastic teacher and fully submerging me into the world of Reiki. I’ve had such a positive experience it’s been a real gift.”


“I want to really thank you for this great day with you. The Reiki 2 was such a powerful experience. Your presence to us is now so right and strong. I am happy to see you enjoying and sharing your passion and knowledge.”