EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

What is EFT?

EFT helps us to unlearn what we don’t enjoy about our feelings and behaviours and more quickly learn to do and feel what we do enjoy doing’ (EFT International website)

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – or ‘tapping’ is a simple yet powerful technique to help clear the client’s symptoms by releasing subconscious beliefs and emotions.

EFT halts the stress response – the combination of gently tapping acupressure meridian points while thinking of an upsetting event or problem changes the way the brain processes information about the issue and the brain’s conditioned response to a perceived threat can be altered. Tapping lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increases hormones associated with our immune response, enabling our body to function as it’s meant to.

You don’t need to understand it for EFT to work, although you may like to know that there are very many scientific studies supporting its effectiveness. These include randomised controlled trials which are the ‘gold standard’ in scientific research. Clients often describe feeling ‘surprisingly relaxed’ during or after a session.

It’s a very calming and gentle process and there are techniques for working at a distance with ‘big T’ trauma so clients don’t have to relive a painful experience until there is no longer an emotional charge. It can seem like magic and often it works very fast. Once all of the aspects of an issue have been identified and tapped on, the effects are usually long-lasting/permanent. With physical issues, EFT can be very effective at working on any emotional aspects of the injury or condition – which can be a surprisingly large part of a condition.

Matrix Reimprinting

Tapping and EFT techniqueMatrix Reimprinting is a technique – using tapping – which works with difficult, painful and /or traumatic events or memories to clear the impact of that event which is frozen or stuck in our energy field.

When we suffer what we perceive as a painful event or trauma, we freeze and in doing so, hold that trauma in the body. Using Matrix Reimprinting, we can safely unfreeze the trauma and release it, bringing a deep level of resolution to the younger part of us that has been holding it all of this time.

When we are young children, we can perceive even minor events as life-threatening, our bodies will react accordingly and we will create subconscious beliefs about ourselves and about life as a result. Matrix Reimprinting can be used on events or trauma from childhood (including before the age of 6 when most of our core beliefs are formed) and in adult life.

Clients may not know that there is a memory that needs clearing – they present with something that is causing a problem or distress in their life and we’ll work together to find the cause and bring resolution. There is no need for the client to ‘re-live’ trauma to find resolution.

Your EFT/Matrix Session

EFT and Reiki Healing SpaceA session will start with a chat about the issue/condition/problem/specific memory you would like help with. All work is done seated and I will tap on you or teach you to tap on yourself, whichever you prefer.

The acupressure points are around the head and face, the collar bone and the hand and wrist and are tapped very gently. I see this work as a collaboration with my client to find the root cause of the problem and identify and clear subconscious limiting beliefs. I’ll work to find the most effective way of reducing the symptoms whilst keeping you safe. Some issues can be resolved very quickly, others take longer depending on the type and severity of the issue. Much work can be done by the client in between session.

Typical issues that can be helped with EFT/Matrix Reimprinting:

Anxiety – stress – depression  – feeling  overwhelmed – suffering from fears and phobias (flying, public speaking, spiders etc etc)  – addictions including over-eating – low self-esteem – lack of confidence – PTSD and other problems created by trauma –  abuse – loss and grief – physical pain and chronic health conditions 

It can also be used to improve a life that is already going well by helping to identify blocks to achieving greater success, reaching goals, improving relationships. It can support you in making the changes you want in your life. I love working with clients who are already working on their own personal and spiritual development to reach the next stage, overcome blocks, to thrive.

One of the many things I love about EFT is that it can be easily taught to clients for use as a calming self-help tool between sessions and in daily life beyond them.