Emotional Freedom Technique
& Matrix Reimprinting

Live a life you love

Would you like to reduce stress, increase your sense of well-being, reduce pain, change unhelpful habits or limiting self-beliefs? Would you like help in becoming the person you always wanted to be, your authentic self? To live a life you love?


“I left each session feeling lighter, freer and joyful. Past traumas no longer haunt and restrict my life. Every day is now lighter, freer and joyful regardless of the circumstances. Emotional freedom.’‘

I work with clients to empower them to achieve their goals, whether they be to:

Release anxiety and/or depression
Increase self esteem and self-confidence
Recover from trauma including PTSD
Release fears and phobias

Release grief and sadness
Reduce physical pain

Release limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’
 or ‘I’ll never be successful’

To change unhelpful behaviour such as addiction

…or purely to be more successful and happier in their lives

Hello, I’m Diana.

Thank you for visiting my website. I’ve been helping people using energy therapies since 2009 and I love the work I do in helping clients to transform their lives.

I’m a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and professional member of EFT International (formerly known as AAMET), a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and a Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher.

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OUR philosophy

We’ll work together…

The therapies I work with have proven track records in reducing stress and promoting wellbeing. Clients may have a clear idea of exactly what they want help with, or have a general feeling that life is not how they want it to be. We’ll work together with whatever is presenting itself as an issue, whether you’re aware of the cause or not.


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More Testimonials

‘‘Diana has a very calming effect which creates a natural atmosphere of confidence. She is very easy to talk to – I’m very impressed and grateful.‘‘


“I liked Diana’s calm energy and thoughtful intelligence and empathy. An excellent experience!”


“Diana kept our session on track by identifying issues lurking under the surface and encouraging me to acknowledge my feelings.”


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